Studio 88 offers a one-time 25 minute trial class for $20 before committing to weekly lessons. The $20 will be credited towards your first invoice if you sign up for lessons. Monthly tuition for private lessons are based on 4.35 weeks per month, as there are sometimes 4 or  5  lessons per month. New students, please fill out the new student registration form to set up a trial class.

30 minute lessons: $169 per month

45 min lesson: $215 per month

1 hour lesson: $279 per month


Private Lesson Policies

We here at Studio 88 are committed to mentoring students of all ages to become dedicated musicians, to build confidence through music and to develop a lifelong talent. These policies are employed to ensure a committed and consistent relationship between the parents, student, teacher and the Studio.


A one-time enrollment fee of $20 will be charged for new students. Enrollment break of four months or more will be charged the enrollment fee upon return.

Tuition is paid on a monthly basis whether or not all classes are attended. Tuition is based on an average of 4.35 lessons per month, as some months has will have four lessons per month & others will have five. All tuition payments are final and classes not taken for any reason are forfeited. The only exception to the monthly rate will be dates that the studio is closed, in which case the tuition will be prorated accordingly. See our calendar on our website for days we are closed. *Tuition does not cover cost of books & lesson materials.

Tuition for the month is due between the 1st-5th of the month. Payments received on or after the 10th of each month will be assessed a $5 late fee. Failure to consistently pay tuition on time can result in the possible loss of your time slot. Payments can be made by cash, checks made out to Studio 88, Bill Pay, or pay online using the link generated from the invoice e-mail. If bringing payment to the studio, please drop off in the Studio 88 dropbox in the hallway.

Picking Up

Children must wait for their parents to pick them up inside Studio 88. Studio 88 assumes no responsibility for children who leave unaccompanied.


Students are expected to arrive alert and on time in order to be productive. Late arrivals will not be entitled to the full-length of their lesson as students are often scheduled back to back.

When a student cannot attend their regularly scheduled lesson, classes are to be cancelled through the student login page on our website 24 hours before their scheduled lesson. Any lesson canceled after  the 24 hour period will be considered an unexcused absence, and a make up lesson will not be issued. This includes cancellation due to illness. There is a maximum of three make up lessons per student per year. Makeup lessons are to be scheduled online through the student login page. Any make-up classes must take place within 30 days of the absence with your own teacher. If you are unable to do a private makeup, please register for the “Group Workshop for Makeups” on your student calendar. Credit to future tuition charges will not be applied in lieu of a makeup lesson. For students 18 years and under, cancellation of a class must be given by parent/guardian. In the event that an instructor or the studio cancels a lesson, that student will be entitled to a make-up lesson or credit for future tuition.


Terminating Lessons

All that is needed to stop taking lessons is to email studio88oc@gmail.com before the end of the current month. If you terminate lessons after the 1st of the month you will be responsible for that month’s tuition.



Please fill out completely and present these form when registering for private music lessons for the first time.